• Image of Essex Lion CD

Luke Wright’s third spoken word album is a darker affair than 2012′s We’re All In This Together. There’s a visceral retelling of the Raoul Moat manhunt, a brutal suicide on a dodgy estate, and a sweetly sad ballad about Sue, an old lady pinning her hopes on an increasingly cruel world.

But panic not, there’s plenty of Wright’s trademark humour and inventive rhyming. The title track (in two parts) is a frenetic take on the (non) sighting of the Essex Lion, told in rollicking Essex vernacular. Couple this with a scathing attack on UKIP’s Nigel Farage and a satire on cosy middle class foibles in Posh Plumber and you have a sparkling hour of wit and horror that you’ll listen to again and again.

63 mins, 2013, Nasty Little Press