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Decadent boozehound Luke Wright would love to spend his life flouncing around looking fabulous, but back in rural Suffolk he’s got the school run to do. Naval-gazing is all very well, but other people can be magic.

Wright’s 4th spoken word album celebrates ordinary people having extraordinary moments, then sticks a “champagne-rinsed rococo boot” into the swines who run things.

Meet the cane-swinging, merlot-glugging “Bastard of Bungay;” spend half-term with lonely science teacher Mr Hooper; and cry “NOT IN MY NAME” with the irate villagers of Much Harpingon.There are also quieter more personal moments: Wright’s commute to work with his worn-out father and a touching sonnet to his son taking his first “staccato wobbles” up the road.

40 mins, 2014, Nasty Little Press

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